Why You Must Embrace This Thing Called Transparency With Both Hands

dTransparency in relationships is a term that seems obsolete these days. It is so important and vital but yet highly neglected simply because it plays its role in a very subtle manner. Continue reading “Why You Must Embrace This Thing Called Transparency With Both Hands”


7 Things To Make Your Woman Feel Loved (No. 7 is out of existence today)


What makes a woman feel loved?

The last post on What makes a man feel loved sparked a great outcry amongst the female readers of this blog who were so much in a hurry to ask that I also share on what makes a woman feel loved.

I shared the discussion  on Reddit and also received an 80% down-vote by women  as they felt the demands were way too much. I however received a 100% up-vote by men…lol.

So today’s post is going to be on the little things that makes a woman feel loved, be it your fiancée or wife or even mother.

Some men do woefully at making women happy because they feel women are so complicated…lol. They will rather go ahead to do “the very big things” to their spouse and still get frustrated when there appear to be no result. It is therefore important for men to understand that it is “little things” that touches a woman’s heart and makes her feel loved. Yet those little things seem so hard for men to do and I wonder why.

A woman is created to be a bit more petty and emotional than men. So you shouldn’t be surprised when the absence of some little things mean a great deal to a woman. So below are the six (6) little things that make a woman feel loved. Continue reading “7 Things To Make Your Woman Feel Loved (No. 7 is out of existence today)”

6 Ways to Keep Your Man Soaring Hot With Love and Admiration

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    It is man’s (both man and woman) basic need to love and be loved…no doubt about that. However, being different, a woman would tend to love her man the way her feminine nature enjoys being loved and that may just not work for him. 

    So being a step ahead and loving your man the way his masculine nature that God created yearns for would save you a whole lot of stress, tension and confusion.

    So here are 6 basic things that would never fail you in making your hubby feel loved and admired.

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If You Knew All You Know About Yourself Would You Marry You??? (Your Exact Replica)

y.jpgSo really….if you sincerely knew all you know about yourself, would you marry you (your exact replica)??

Well, This was the question that was thrown to everyone at the tea table yesterday morning. And guess what….it’s forming the basis for our discussion this week. Well sincerely,  I have pondered on it over and over again without having gotten the answer to it myself because it got me sweating….lol.

Well…I think the answer can’t be gotten in few seconds. This is not something you are to answer in a rush. So please Think deeply.

Would you marry you if you knew you d way you knew you (I mean your very exact replica)?

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19 Facts On Challenges Faced In Early Phases Of Relationships (No.7 may shock you)

b.jpgWhy exactly do marriages fail most times usually in the first five years? Shouldn’t this be the period when all is new and the dopamine and serotonin hormones that attracted you to your spouse is still active? I guess it should be….but then one can only be left to ask what usually goes wrong?????

I believe the single phase is the period to prepare one’s self in our walk with God and also prepare one self for a successful home and a successful marriage. I mean you really need God at the center.

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Whats Your Love Language? (Check out the 5 basic Love Languages in this post and discover yours)


The words “Love language” is a term you have probably never heard about. Yet it is a very vital and important aspect of any relationship that can have an impact on its success or failure.

People would naturally give love in the way they prefer to receive it (no doubt about that). But then has it ever occurred to you that your spouse may not decode, understand and connect to your gesture of love the same way you feel they should because it is a love language that the recipient does not understand? Continue reading “Whats Your Love Language? (Check out the 5 basic Love Languages in this post and discover yours)”

Whats your pick!!! Love at First Sight or Love at Later Sight

cHi everyone,

So today’s post is going to be very interactive and would greatly involve you sharing your view point on the subject matter below.

So I got talking with a friend and we deliberated on this matter nonstop today.

“Which love and affection do you consider to be true…Love Type A or Love Type B? ( I would give you the details of both love in a bit)”. So here we go……. Continue reading “Whats your pick!!! Love at First Sight or Love at Later Sight”

This Thing Called Open Parenting and Open Marriage

a.jpgWow…it’s been really difficult picking a title for this post. Well, I would be sharing my view on the concept of open marriage and open parenting. In fact 80% of parents, individuals may not directly agree with my view on open parenting and open marriage. But I feel it is a concept that needs to be integrated into every family as it contains immerse benefits that would help build up future homes. 

Enough said though. So what then is open parenting and open marriage in this context?

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My First Love

a.jpgAre there really good men in this world? Sure there are…men that are true, just, honest. Men who stick closer than even a brother and are just absolutely on point…lol.

Abisha was one of this in so many ways. Abisha was tall, fair and handsome. He was also emotionally healthy and was way balanced on the inside and outside that I just couldn’t resist him…well I have tried way over seven (7) months to resist him. I had friend zoned him and place him on a 9 on the dreaded friend-zone scale of 0 to 10. I just wasn’t ready for relationships as I had wanted the first man I ever dated to be the one I ended up with. So Him talking love/ dating was something I wasn’t ready to get myself entangled in. Besides, he was way way older than me and that was supposed to be my perfect excuse…lol. Continue reading “My First Love”

Hate The Offence But Love Your Partner

a.jpegLove is a beautiful thing ( no doubt about it). A mystery we can’t really explain. I mean how do you logically explain why your heart beats for A and why it  naturally shuts down to B ?

Well, I may not be able to give an answer to that but what I particularly want to dwell upon in this post is the place of tolerance in love (handling differences/ misunderstandings in any form of relationship). Continue reading “Hate The Offence But Love Your Partner”